Paul Share is an Outstanding Legal Professional


I met Paul Share through a friend some years back and I was immediately able to recognize that he is an experienced, fair and caring legal professional worthy of the highest degree of trust and respect. The years have proved my first impression correct to the fullest degree. When I needed legal guidance on a partnership agreement and creation of an LLC recently, I decided to use Paul’s professional services. The support he gave me during this period far surpassed even my very high expectations. What makes him unique in my experience is the blend of professionalism, legal expertise, general business sensibilities, and an attitude of unmistakably caring about his clients, a combination of attributes all too rare among the many who offer comparable services. I almost never post a review of services received, but my level of satisfaction with Paul was so great that I felt compelled to share it with others who are considering the use of such services. I can't imagine that anyone working with Paul will be any less satisfied than I was or arrive at anything but a similar assessment of his character and abilities.

Michael R.     


Great Lawyer


Paul is a genuine guy! He helped me with an employment contract for a new hire I was making. His approach was all about making it work for me and not about billable hours. He made several additions to the contract which were beneficial to the final product. He has integrity and a great working knowledge of the law. I would recommend him to anyone.

Anthony A 



Pleased, Very Pleased


Paul served as a legal consultant to our Company and prepared a number of sensitive agreements during the time his firm served as our legal counsel. He was extremely knowledgeable in the areas of our concern and performed on a very professional level. We would use his services in the future with any legal advice or document preparation. We were very pleased with the work he did for us.

Joseph Link

Outstanding Attorney


Paul is not only a great attorney, he is a trusted business advisor and I consider him a friend. I am sure that he is great for larger companies as well, but speaking as an entrepreneur, Paul provided just the right mix of guidance and legal advice and education, without ever over-lawyering. I cannot imagine running a business without Paul as our attorney.

Lawrence Brickman


A smart lawyer you can trust


Paul is a first rate professional and, just as important to me, an ethical and sincere advocate for his clients. His fees are fair and his work is exemplary. I trust him implicitly, which I don't say about many people, and is the highest compliment I can pay anyone.

Betsy Cagan


Paul Share - my Best Attorney!


I am a small business owner. Working couple of jobs. Life is not an easy street for me. In my business I have many situations where lack of legal protection could lead to difficult situations. Thankfully I know Paul! He always has my back and even in hardest predicament I can count on his help.

Jacek P


Great Option for a Small or Medium Sized Business


Paul has operated as our virtual General Counsel for more than 3 years now. His knowledge is broad and he handles advisory work, reviewing and drafting of agreements and other work very efficiently. There is little that he cannot help with but when he is out of his area of expertise, he is fast to identify that and help to find the resources to help. Paul's real strength is combining legal advice with good business advice, which is what really counts with a GC. Although with legal work, accuracy and insight is the real critical factor, he works fast and that combined with the quality of the work makes this a very good value.

John Kavazanjian



If you want the best lawyer in NY go to Paul


I have known Paul for many years and have worked with him on everything from personal property issues to Corporate mergers and Acquisitions...superb professional, easy to deal with and very effective

Barbara Krafchin—Experience, intelligence, integrity and compassion.

Experience, intelligence, integrity and compassion are what come to mind when I think about The Law offices of Paul Share. We have worked with Paul for over 20 years, through good times and bad and feel fortunate to have him in our corner.

John Wicker


Law Offices of Paul Share Recommendation

Paul has represented me, my family and my business ventures over many years, in both simple and complicated scenarios. At all times, his style is to cut quickly to the heart of the matter and identify the winning solution. In particular, I recommend Paul to small business owners who require smart, reasonable, thoughtful and comprehensive legal services.


Erin Jurew


Excellent attorney


Paul Share has provided me and my business with exemplary legal services and advice for over 12 years. Paul, who had been referred to my family by our financial investment manager, has consistently brought skill, knowledge and expertise to a variety of legal issues. Among other things, he has provided us with excellent legal advice as we worked through a variety of corporate issues, some extremely sensitive, as well as routine. We have been pleased to find an attorney who acts as a true advocate and counselor. We have yet to fail by following his legal advice. He has successfully called upon his extensive network of quality experts in particular legal areas when it has been necessary. His counsel has been pragmatic, reasonable and fair, as are his fees. I highly recommend him.

Helen Tefarikas


An extremely competent business attorney


Paul advised us during a three year period of financing for a start up company in Lithium ion battery technology. We had several rounds of financing including a bridge round until we were finally able to close a $30 Million round with a significant hedge fund. Paul was able to negotiate with some of the best law firms in NY and get us a fair deal. The deal also with stood the turbulence of the 2008 financial crisis that affected both us and the hedge fund that financed us. Paul was easy to work with, always available and was able to pull in the resources that were required to complete the deal. Most importantly, Paul listened to our concerns and was able to either explain issues clearly or help us negotiate what was important to us. I have counseled with Paul many times over the last four years on other issues and would recommend him first to anyone entering into a financing situation.

Jeffrey Peterson


Start Up Advice


Paul has been our lawyer from the start of our company and has been instrumental in helping us navigate the framework for defining our business. As our business has progressed he has been instrumental in assisting us with employment and software license contracts, as well as business development issues. It is a pleasure to work with a lawyer that is so knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend Paul in the areas of startups!

Philip B


Paul Share is very responsive to our company's needs. He is able to turn the work around very quickly and he bills at fair and reasonable rates. I would highly recommend him for your business.

Kathy Menikos



Very Professional and Practical


We sold our business in 2013 and Paul Share represented us in the transaction. Paul was a perfect fit and it was a very smooth closing. While we participated in the direct business negotiations, he assisted in all legal matters of the transaction. His insight (general business and legal), resourcefulness, practical advice and personality helped make it happen. We appreciate all that Paul did for us.

Kieran Moran


Paul has served as New York counsel and issued opinions on several transactions I have been involved with over the past 10+ years. He does great work and is always timely, efficient, and pleasant to work with. I have recommended him to a number of colleagues over the past several years, and the feedback on Paul has been uniformly positive.

Julia Bernstein


New York Counsel of Choice


I have enjoyed utilizing Paul Share's legal services for over a decade. He is my counsel of choice for transaction opinion counsel when deal documents are governed by New York Law!

Jarad Black


Services rendered over 10+ years


Paul has been my go-to person for anything legal. He first helped us incorporate and then helped with selling of our company. He's also helped with our personal will. I've always found Paul to be fair and honest in all his dealings with me. He's the lawyer I recommend to all my family and friends. And he's definitely the person I would go to if I needed legal advice.

Fuzzy Khosrowshahi


Trusted Counselor


Paul has represented me on a variety of business matters of the past 30+ years. He is a trusted counselor as well as lawyer. Of all the attorneys I have dealt with, he is one of the best at presenting alternatives and solutions for business problems in addition to simply providing legal advice. I recommend him without reservation.

Albert Slawsky


Always Excellent


I have been doing business with Paul Share for over 20 years. Paul's work is always done well and in a timely fashion. I can honestly recommend him without reservation.

Greg Werrlinich


Excellent Advice, Excellent Service, and Excellent Execution


I have had the pleasure of having Paul Share represent me on many commercial transactions for over 20 years, Paul's collaborative method for working on business issues, contracts, etc. has been very helpful in tailoring the needs of his expertise to the many different business situations we have worked on together. Paul's approach makes him an important partner to my company's legal and advisory needs. Paul is extremely timely in his work, is very thorough, and is very capable in taking a 360 degree approach to every situation we have worked on. His great skills, both legal and advisory, are well tuned and his depth of knowledge makes him very effective, and efficient in the time needed to work on projects and the cost associated with working on these projects. Paul's integrity is of the highest order and it is without hesitation that I recommend, and have indeed recommended to others, the Law Offices of Paul Share LLC.

Ed Hammel


Excellent Business Attorney


After receiving Paul’s legal advice once in 1997, I had no need to look for another business attorney. Since that time he has advised and represented me on a variety of business matters. As a principal at Stimulus Technology I retained Paul as our general counsel. Paul is not just highly professional and experienced business attorney. He is also a true problem solver in negotiations and complex business situations. His legal work for us was especially impressive on several occasions, including negotiating a licensing agreement with an S&P 500 Company, resolving employer/employee intellectual property issues and advising on mergers & acquisitions and board of directors matters. I praise Paul for always being available when we needed him and his exceptional professional ethics.

Vadim Kleyzit